Note to NCOs: Your backup is the NCO scheduled to run the ARES Net on the date following your week of responsibility. At the conclusion of the net, please email your Net Report to k9tem AT The Net Report should include the date, start and end times, number of messages, number of announcements, and number of check-ins (portable/mobile, base, and total check-ins). The recommended NCO script is here.

Date (2018) Callsign Name
January 1 No ARES Net New Year's Day
January 8 KC9RPX Jimmy
January 15 K9TEM Tom
January 24 N9QL Luke
January 29 AC9ML Tim
February 5 KC9EVU A.J.
February 12 WB9VPG Neil
February 19 K9TEM Tom
February 26 WS9C Tom
March 5 W9YW Tom
March 12 K9MRV Marvin
March 19 WA9MTH Rick
March 26 N9SYI Bill
Apri 2 KB9LGS Ray
April 9 WS9C Tom
April 16 KC9EVU A.J.
April 23 WB9VPG Neil
April 30 W9YW Tom
May 7 WA9MTH Rick
May 14 K9MRV Marvin
May 21 N9SYI Bill
May 28 NO ARES NET Memorial Day
June 4 KB9LGS Ray
June 11 KC9RPX Jimmy
June 18 AC9ML Tim
June 25 N9QL Luke